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Re: [ufs-discuss] snv_130 panic

Subject: Re: [ufs-discuss] snv_130 panic
From: Stoyan Angelov
Date: Tue, 19 Jan 2010 18:07:14 +0200
On 01/19/10 17:15, Frank Batschulat (Home) wrote:

would it be possible for you to provide us with a location
where we can retrieve the core dump (if yes, send me a note off-list, directly)

I'd like to gather it, it may not have the same root cause as the ZFS bug 
Jim mentioned. I had a chat with Casper offline and the most interesting
question here is who did a bad crfree() - as such we should file a new bug
for this.

hi Frank,

i have sent you a mail off-list with links to the crash dump provided.



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