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Re: 4 pages per side when printing pdf files

Subject: Re: 4 pages per side when printing pdf files
From: Pierre Frenkiel
Date: Sat, 5 Jun 2010 09:07:16 +0200 CEST
On Fri, 4 Jun 2010, NoOp wrote:

> Acroread: Print|Page Scaling
> Okular: Print|Options|Pages|Pages Per Sheet

   If you look at my previous post, you will see that my settings are:
   - for acroread: scaling none
   - for okular: 1 page per sheet

   in acroread, all scaling settings give 1 page per sheet in the preview and
   4 pages per sheet on the printout, except with "multiple pages per sheet"
   In that case, the preview shows 4 pages per sheet, and the printout... guess 
    8 pages per sheet !

   I insist on the fact that this problem have nothing to do with the number
   of pages of the pdf files. It occurs for any number, even for a 1 page file.

   I suppose that it comes from the cups filter defined in printers.conf:

      Filter application/vnd.cups-postscript 0 -

   but that doesn't tell me how to fix the problem.

Pierre Frenkiel

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