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Not require sudo for running specific application as root

Subject: Not require sudo for running specific application as root
From: Dotan Cohen
Date: Thu, 22 Apr 2010 18:12:23 +0300
A user needs to run a specific application as root. I have finally
convinced him not to run the whole desktop as root, but now he must
precede the command to run the application with "sudo -i".

Is there a way to configure the system not to require the "sudo -i"
for this particular application? I know that I can remove the need for
a password for sudo, but that does not help as he still needs to give
the proper environment with "-i".

Yes, I am aware that there probably is "a better way" but I am trying
to get this user into the better habit of not running the desktop as

My current idea is to add $HOME/.bin to his path, then mask the
command with a bash script that simply calls "sudo -i" before calling
the original command. I would disable sudo passwords for his account.
Any other ideas?

Dotan Cohen


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