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Re: Networking/SSH Problems with 9.10

Subject: Re: Networking/SSH Problems with 9.10
Date: Tue, 27 Apr 2010 12:59:02 -0700
>      Are you using ssh on the laptop?

I have sshd installed on all of my computers at home.  The laptop and both
desktops.  Of course with the installation of sshd, I also have ssh

>      Can you drop back to 8.04 today and verify everything is working
> there stiil? If you can then 9.10 at least has changed how it handles
> networking.

Yes, I explained my my original e-mail that I have had no networking type
problems on any version of xubuntu (ubuntu) until I started using 9.10.  I
have confirmed this by doing fresh installs and reverting back and forth
between versions.

I will be sure to test some other things suggested in other e-mails
shortly, however I have been quite busy this weekend.

Tim H.

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