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Re: Option to use /dev values instead of UUID values

Subject: Re: Option to use /dev values instead of UUID values
From: Dotan Cohen
Date: Mon, 15 Mar 2010 21:05:49 +0200
>>> I often have several bootable partitions, and if I have to edit fstab
>>> by hand it is easier if the /dev values are used.
> I'd prefer labels in this case.

I've tried that, but then it is just another arbitrary thing to remember.

>> Well, yes, /dev/?d? entries *are* much easier to read than UUIDs.
>> However, device names have several disadvantages, which are important.
>> A UUID is a permanent, direct link to a particular partition.
> No, the important difference is that a UUID is an identifier for a *file
> system* while a device name is an identifier for a *partition*.


> AFAIR parted changes the UUID when moving or resizing partitions, too.

Yet another reason to use /dev notation. Note that I am not advocating
a return to /dev notation, rather, I am asking for an option in the
installer (not checked y default) to use /dev notation.

Dotan Cohen


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