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Re: Option to use /dev values instead of UUID values

Subject: Re: Option to use /dev values instead of UUID values
From: Dotan Cohen
Date: Tue, 16 Mar 2010 09:21:44 +0200
>> Once my former /home became /tmp after adding a new CD drive, and /tmp
>> was cleaned at boot time. I was wondering why booting took so long...
> That is the best cautionary tale ever.

I am trying to see how this would happen. Maybe like this:
* Before CDROM install:
---- hda1 /
---- hdb1 /home
---- hdc1 /tmp

* After CDROM install:
---- hda1 CDROM
---- hdb1 /
---- hdc1 /home
---- hdd1 /tmp

However, fstab still had hdc1 configured as /tmp. Is this what happened? Wow!

> Anyone pining for the old /dev
> days needs to read that over and over again until it really sinks in.

I am not pining for the old /dev days. I just want an option in the
installer to use that for the use cases where it makes sense.

However, I asked here to see if there are other people who are
interested in this feature. Nobody else seems to be, so I suppose that
is the end of it! I have no problem with the feature not being
implemented if there is only one lonely user who desires it, and an
easy workaround exists!


Dotan Cohen


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