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RE: OEM hard disk replication

Subject: RE: OEM hard disk replication
From: Chadley Wilson
Date: Wed, 3 Mar 2010 07:52:21 +0200

> >
> > Is there a  tool, a read me or something in the Ubuntu arsenal of
> > gadgets that can get my next 5000 computers loaded with Ubuntu using
> > disk duplication and hard disk imaging. If anyone here has
> > accomplished this before, or has successfully created an image file
> > and used it on a different PC, please can you tell me how you did it?
> ...
> I think I mentioned this sometime ago to you... I'll throw it out again; why 
> not
> look to Canonical for assistance?
> http://www.ubuntu.com/partners
>  http://www.canonical.com/partners/faq
>   http://www.ubuntu.com/partners/programmetracks
>    http://www.ubuntu.com/partners/hardwareprogramme
>     http://www.ubuntu.com/partners/IHV
> <http://www.ubuntu.com/system/files/u53/system%20builders%20datashe
> et%20OEM%20Services%20Linux%20Enablement%204%20page%20summary
> .pdf>

No offense NoOP, but it is because Canonical in South Africa, has no Phone 
number, no OEM sales people and  we are unable to speak to them in person.
They treat large manufacturers like OEMs, as they were end users. The don't 
exist in my country just like all other distros don't exist in my country.
These guys have no  idea how hard it is to be an OEM for Linux. And they don't 
give a D..M.
Sorry for the vent, I have been down this road about 10 times in the last 12 
Regards chad

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