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Re: Printing to a file

Subject: Re: Printing to a file
From: "Karl F. Larsen"
Date: Tue, 01 Dec 2009 06:57:43 -0700
R Kimber wrote:
> Is it possible to set up a printer so that it just prints to a file, and not
> to a physical printer?
> I have an HP DeskjetF4280, which works fine, but I can't see any options in
> the normal printer setup process to create a printer that just prints to a
> file.
> - Richard.

        No. Your printer wants only to get the data to print a page. 
Now my Ubuntu when I tell it to print something will ask me if 
I want to print to a file. I don't do that much. Why do you 
want to do it?

73 Karl


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