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Re: karmic beta

Subject: Re: karmic beta
From: "Karl F. Larsen"
Date: Mon, 05 Oct 2009 21:31:53 -0600
David Fox wrote:
> On Mon, Oct 5, 2009 at 9:54 AM, Kjetil Halvorsen <[email protected]> wrote:
>> Hola!
>> I just tested karmic beta and it works without problems on my machine.
> It is not absolutely necessary to upgrade now. The question really
> becomes "Does the current rev of Karmic offer a feature you need?" If
> not, and if Jaunty suffices, then you might want to wait, although
> there a a lot (the unscientific term is "lots" or "humungous") of
> changes. The thing is that what is called Beta (i.e., what was
> pressed) is itself obsolete because since then there have be a whole
> number (i.e., a lot) of updates to that. I think I must have
> downloaded a couple hundred megabytes in package changes since about
> October 2nd.
> I have yet to install it on my desktop because that is pretty much a
> production machine, and I tend to update in place rather than install
> new versions somewhere, athough I could shoehorn it into an unused
> partition if I needed to. On the laptop, which is more a sandbox than
> a production environment, I have been running Karmic for about 2
> months now, but I track the updates frequently and keep abrest of
> changes on the krmic-changes mailing list. (that's a pretty busy
> list).
> Just for some perspective, I've been running Ubuntu on these machines
> since 8.0r4 Hardy (actually Hardy got installed for the first time on
> a now-defunct AMD64 machine) but in reality I started with 8.10 back
> in December. Used that for a while but decided to try Jaunty out at
> the earliest possible opportunity because both my video cards are
> Intels, and there were IMHO horrible side effects in the Intrepid
> video drivers that made 3D all but unusable. That was primarily the
> impetus for switching to Jaunty and contijnued support and improvement
> (or at least perceived improvement) contributed to my decision of
> trying Karmic out early. But that doesn't mean you have to, or even
> should. I'm used to running continuous testing releases (I ran Debian
> testing since before it was officially Etch up to May 2008, but when
> trying a new architecture I wanted to try something different, so I
> gave Ubuntu a try.)

        Important to say, there has been grub problems when you 
update your existing Jaunty partition. This is a bad problem 
and will not be fixed in the near future.

        I put Karmic in a new partition and with an ext4 file system, 
and after I loaded Karmic I had a great new system with the 
new stuff all working. I am using it now.

        73 Karl


        Karl F. Larsen, AKA K5DI
        Linux User
        #450462   http://counter.li.org.
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