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Re: top and bottom posting

Subject: Re: top and bottom posting
From: Res
Date: Fri, 11 Sep 2009 07:16:35 +1000 EST
All this does is show some people are so pedantic and pathetic they have 
to make issues about how someone else posts, just because its not the way 
they do, sad, really really sad, those people need to sit back and take
a very serious look at themselves, but they wont, not when they can troll
on about how some other person posts.

You all need to wake up and smell the coffee rather than the white powder 
many of you must be smelling, they are far more important things in life
to worry about then how someone else s posts, in fact most of you whining
 es make me want to throw the hell up with all this crap you continually
all come out with time after time after time.

But yet again, it comes down to the inability of list moderators (the real 
ones, not the self appointed net-cop list-nazi's that you cry babies are) to
do their job.


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