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Re: To switch or not to switch, that is the question...

Subject: Re: To switch or not to switch, that is the question...
From: Fred Roller
Date: Sun, 05 Jul 2009 22:01:44 -0400
On Sun, 2009-07-05 at 17:02 -0400, Daryl Styrk wrote:
> Do you need it?  If your just curious and want to check it out I
> suggest
> installing virtualbox and checking it out in there.  That way should
> you
> decide it's not for you, you only need to remove the vbi and be done
> with
> it. 

I agree with Daryl, the tweeners from LTS to LTS work (dare i say)
better than 90% and can be a blessing or a curse and really depends on
your system, software, and usage.  Input, techie or not, helps develop
the OS and software.  If you depend on your system for work or life
though, stay with LTS.  If, on the other hand you don't mind rolling up
your sleeves then try the upgrades.  Either way, try in virtualbox first
then decide.

Fred R.

"Life is like Linux, simple.  If you are fighting it, you are doing
something wrong."

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