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Thunderbird and Fonts

Subject: Thunderbird and Fonts
From: Jay Daniels
Date: Wed, 01 Jul 2009 07:36:18 -0400
I noticed some fonts in my email in Thunderbird did not show up. 
Special characters like $ at times would show up as strange characters.

To test, I goto Edit/Preferences/Display/Fonts button.  I "unchecked" 
Allow messages to use other fonts.  I Pick "Unicode (UTF-8)" for both 
Outgoing Mail and Incoming Mail. Then view/Message Body as Plain Text 

This seem to work ok.  Note, I send and view in plain text.  Does this 
have any unseen ramifications?

 From my understanding, UTF-8 is a universal character encoding for all 
languages.  Is this right?  Should we all be using UTF-8?



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