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Re: loss of Preferences

Subject: Re: loss of Preferences
From: Willis Taylor
Date: Mon, 28 Jan 2008 17:25:43 -0600
Wulfy wrote:
Willis Taylor wrote:
Wulfy wrote:
Willis Taylor wrote:
I recently used synaptic, from Ubuntu 7.10, and installed KDE 3.5 Desktop.  It's fantastic but having MS I've mostly lost the use of my right arm and need to operate my Track Ball from the left.  I make the System changes and everything is fine until I reboot.  On rebooting I get two messages each time;
.. The first informs me that my Preferences cannot be saved because  /home/<my log on>/kde/share/config/koonquerorrc is not writable.
.. The second follows the same path up to /config/kickerrc and it has the same problem.

I went to my home file and from there created kde/share/config and there created the two ending files and in permissions made them writable.  Still, I have the problem.  Please, where did I go wrong?
It's "/home/<your log on>/.kde/share/config". Note the "." before kde?  It means it's a hidden file so you'll need to Show Hidden Files on your Konqueror's View menu.  All the files in that folder and below should belong to you.  If they don't, that's why you can't write to them.

Thanks a million and the files are indeed there.  The permissions read -rw on both, is that not correct?  I'm sorry but I was a dyed in the wool Windows dummy until a couple of months ago.
The permissions seem OK.  Who owns the files?  You or root?  If root, then you'll have to do what Nils suggested...

I see.  They are owned by root but I am signed in as the superuser to straighten this out so how do I?
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