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Re: How to properly compile a kernel?

Subject: Re: How to properly compile a kernel?
From: Oliver Grawert
Date: Sat, 19 Jan 2008 12:30:34 +0100
On Fr, 2008-01-18 at 23:22 +0100, Josef Wolf wrote:
> > i am surprised that wolf claims he likes ubuntu for its written words
> > but didnt discover the governance structure (community council,
> > technical board, loco teams etc) of the distro yet :)
> Please don't get confused.  There are _two_ wolf's involved in this
> thread.  There is "Wolf Canis", and there is "Josef Wolf" (that is me)
well, i meant wolf canis indeed, referring to:

"I haven't any problems, I use Gentoo. But I would like use Ubuntu,
because I like the philosophy, the written form, but that's an other

... while he claims that canonical decided to disable (or make it hard
for ) users to compile a kernel intentionally (which is not true since
canonical cant make such decisions).

> > > For me, the reason is to activate low-latency-desktop.  This is needed
> > > to get a smooth video playback with vdr-sxfe.  You just can't change
> > > scheduler strategy by only compiling additional modules.
> > thats why there is a -lowlatency kernel package in universe that
> > fulfills exactly this purpose and works with the shipped -modules
> > packages ;)
> I am not really sure.  Is -lowlatency really identical to
> low-latency-desktop?
well, its the kernel ubuntustudio uses to improve their media handling
so i'd suspect it is ... (hmm, after taking a deeper look i noticed that
the package was renamed -rt in gutsy, not -lowlatency anymore).

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