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Re: Distributed network RAID

Subject: Re: Distributed network RAID
From: Jason
Date: Wed, 16 Jan 2008 12:39:19 -0600
couple of options in easiest to most difficult order.

if don't mind having access to a filesystem on only one node at a time,
just use NFS to mount the filesystem.

rsync.  Run it every minute between the two hosts.

gfs or another clustered file system. Lets you use the same block device
on two machines at once.

Get crazy with iscsi and gfs or maybe nbd.  This would most likely fail
in a very spectacular way when you are least able to handle a failure.

Bart Silverstrim wrote:
> I recall seeing that this was possible, and wondered if someone on the 
> list can help with pointers and/or experiences trying it...
> I remember seeing a way to create a filesystem on two computers such 
> that you have two partitions mirrored over the network for increased 
> reliability.
> For example, I would be able to take /home on machine 1 and any changes 
> I make will automatically migrate over to machine 2's /home, then if 
> machine 1 dies for some reason I can log into machine 2 and my data 
> would be intact until I can bring up machine 1 again.
> Anyone else recall seeing this, or even better, configure something like 
> this before?

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