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gnome network printer problem

Subject: gnome network printer problem
From: Eugen Wintersberger
Date: Tue, 15 Jan 2008 12:37:18 +0100
Hi there
  I have a serious problem with printing on CUPS network printers via
the GNOME printing dialog on Ubuntu 7.10 AMD64. In fact I have this
problem since Dapper Drake and posted it several times also on the
Ubuntu Forum. However, until now no one could explain me what is wrong.
So this mailing list is most probably my last chance to get help.

OK. Here is my problem. I have a Debain Etch server running CUPS. The
printers are exported by CUPS and I can see them in the GNOME Printer
Setup dialog. I am also able to print a testpage from the printers
properties dialog. Printing from a command line via lp works fine too.
However, when I try to print from Evolution or Evince via the GNOME
printing dialog not even a print job is sent to the server. Applications
that provide their own printing dialog, for instance OpenOffice or
Firefox have no problem with printing to network printers. 

Has anyone an idea what I am doing wrong? Is this a bug in the printing
dialog of GNOME?


PS: it cannot be a firewall issue since the problem appears with or
without the firewall running.

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