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Re: External hard drive for backup.

Subject: Re: External hard drive for backup.
From: elmo
Date: Thu, 13 Dec 2007 19:21:59 -0500
elmo wrote:
> Has anyone used an external hard drive to save a backup copy of an 
> installed ubuntu?
> Is there a partition copier in ubuntu that will copy an entire installed 
> ubuntu partition
> to an external hard drive.so that it may be recopied back to the same 
> computer or another computer ?
> Suggestions welcome.
> elmo
After posting the question, I wondered if the partition copier I tested 
in Windows was available in a linux version and sure enough there is one,
 a gz version.: 

So far, I haven't found one in an apt search.

I don't believe that a partition editor alone can do a good job of 
copying a partition to another partition.  A partition editor would be 
useful for formatting  an ext3  partition
on an external hard drive in preparation for 'unstopcp' to do the job of 
copying an entire ubuntu installation.

There may be other copiers that can do an indepth total copy.

It's just that I was wondering if anyone has actually done a complete 
ubuntu copy to an external harddrive.  This would be useful if one wanted to
install to several computers.


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