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Re: External hard drive for backup.

Subject: Re: External hard drive for backup.
From: anthony baldwin
Date: Fri, 14 Dec 2007 23:05:04 -0500
Linda Hanigan wrote:
>> Are you using your ExtHD for ubuntu backup?   Any problems?
>> elmo
> I just do backup of important directories to it so when somebody does
> something stupid I can replace the file. I just have a simple program
> that creates a folder with julian date and copies directries with cp -a
> to it.
> One thing atleast I had to mount it from the commandline. Auto mount was
> not persistent.
I haven't succeeded in getting a single one of the automated
back-up tools available to function for me, but,
after loosing an HDD last year, and 3 months of important
financial data for my business, which I had neglected to back up, 
(smart, huh...)
I have begun making a habit of manually backing up my most important
files, at least, weekly, and have made back ups of all my groOvy tunes,
and photos, and stuff.


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