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Re: bug in ubuntu "kill" hardrive

Subject: Re: bug in ubuntu "kill" hardrive
From: Nils Kassube
Date: Thu, 27 Dec 2007 23:21:42 +0100
Derek Broughton wrote:
> It's easy to do - but is it safe?  I'm not convinced and not willing to
> take the risk of installing that script (on the grounds that I really
> don't think it's going to kill the drive before I upgrade my system). 
> Then of course, there's the matter of _where_ to put it.  Someone
> (Nils?) suggested rc.local - that's fine for a desktop, but useless for
> a laptop that gets hibernated/resumed.

Thanks for mentioning hibernate/resume - I have just checked it and my 
solution with /etc/rc.local doesn't work for hibernate/resume. But I 
never use that anyway although it is a laptop :)


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