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Re: unrecognized cdrom drive

Subject: Re: unrecognized cdrom drive
From: Brian Fahrlander
Date: Tue, 14 Aug 2007 11:19:25 -0500
Charles philip Chan wrote:

> I got confused at the beginning too. For some strange reason (if anyone
> knows, please tell me), Feisty uses SCSI emulation for everything. So
> try /dev/scd0 

    I heard Feisty was all SCSI emulation...but Xcdroast doesn't seem to 
think it is.

    But a bigger problem is how, despite hardware-revealing tools say 
otherwise, most software tells me the my previously-working drives have 
no kinds of media they can support. (The DVD supports dozens of media, 
and until I loaded Feisty over the top of Dapper, I can't burn anything 
any more.

     Is there any chance you have some details on this?  I don't need a 
question-n-answer, if you can point me to a web page...


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