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Re: Smart link Modem Installation on ubuntu

Subject: Re: Smart link Modem Installation on ubuntu
From: CJ
Date: Tue, 19 Jun 2007 13:43:17 -0600
hasan noori wrote:
>   Dear list.
>    I received an edubuntu gnu/Linux Cd From
>   http://www.edubuntu.com/,
>   And installed it on my own computer it worked
>   properly,
>   And installed all hardware on my system, but modem
>   doesn't work.
>   My modem type is: "Modem: ALi Corporation SmartLink
>   SmartPCI563 56K Modem"
> regard hasan.
if your using a  USB modem, what i typically do is first remove, then 
reinsert the modem
open up the terminal
type "dmesg"
Search the last few lines as dmesg will tell you what the modem has been 
set up as

(ofcoarse this only works if ubuntu has the drivers for it, just FYI)


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