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Re: Minimal Backup of /home?

Subject: Re: Minimal Backup of /home?
From: Matthew Flaschen
Date: Sun, 24 Jun 2007 00:31:13 -0400
Dave M wrote:
> I am using Mondobackup to backup my system files excluding /home. I am 
> using KDar to backup my /home user files.
> The plan is to boot from the Mondo disk, use it to restore the system files 
> and then use KDar to restore the user files.
> The problem is that I cannot boot (problem loading GUI) with /home being 
> empty. What files and/or directories from /home must I restore in order to 
> boot and run?

Is /home just empty, or is it mounted on a read-only file system?  If
you want to know the default files for /home, you can try creating a new
user and checking it's /home directory (don't copy from here, just use
it to know what you'll want).  However, I'm not sure any /home files are
absolutely necessary.  You definitely /do/ need the ability to write
there at all times (for lock files and such).

Matt Flaschen

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