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Re: Triple boot - Ubuntu Feisty (7.04) Dapper (6.06) and Windows XP (P4)

Subject: Re: Triple boot - Ubuntu Feisty 7.04) Dapper (6.06) and Windows XP (P4
From: Loïc Martin
Date: Sat, 24 Mar 2007 22:24:30 +0100
Eric Dunbar a écrit :
> Hello all:
> I've "lost" my "main" Ubuntu 6.06 (Dapper) install from the Grub boot
> menu. I have two HDs, one for Windows XP and one for Ubuntu.
> My Ubuntu 6.06 was set up with a /boot partition. My Ubuntu 7.04 was
> not (just /).
> When I set up my current configuration* I left 7.8 GB free on my
> Ubuntu disk for experimental OSes. I've wanted to see what Ubuntu 7.04
> would look like so I installed it into that free 7.8 GB partition.
> Unfortunately, I didn't realise that grub doesn't automagically handle
> multiple Linux OSes gracefully (I come from the PPC world where yaboot
> handles OSes differently). I've lost access to my Ubuntu 6.06
> partition and would like to regain it _and_ retain easy access to
> Ubuntu 7.04 as well, if at all possible.
> Can anyone suggest a Howto or link or wiki where I can go for further
> assistance in setting grub up so that it can handle my two Linuxes
> without excluding one (I haven't gotten anywhere yet with Google)? I'm
> scouring the man pages for grub but haven't found out how to specify a
> "chain loader" for a linux (I figure that's what I need to do).
> Thanks, Eric.
> *Two HDs:
> sdb = 20 GB
> /dev/sdb1 Windows XP
> sda = ~250 GB
> /dev/sda2 19 GB Ubuntu 6.06
> /dev/sda3 202 GB ext3 formatted "Virtual Machine" partition (contains
> VMs for VMware)
> /dev/sda6 7.8 GB free
> (plus, some other partitions like /dev/sda1 89 MB for /boot for Ubuntu
> 6.06 and /dev/sda5 1.5 GB for /swap)
I've been booting 4 versions of Ubuntu for quite a while, so I don't 
think grub can't handle it.

New versions of Ubuntu always detect old versions' kernels and set them 
for grub.

If it didn't work, you can edit /boot/grub/menu.lst (make a copy first) 
then you can reinstall grub with something like grub-install (man 
grub-install or info grub-install for documentation, else google it)
I don't do that usually, so I can't be of more help. Be sure to check 
which disk you want to put grub on, since you have 2 of them. It should 
be the one your bios boots on.

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