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Re: man pages for c++?

Subject: Re: man pages for c++?
From: Luqman
Date: Thu, 15 Feb 2007 12:26:28 +0100
> Luqman wanted us to know:
>>There is also html versions of the manual pages in
>Thanks for your reply. But I am a bit confused at seeing three different
>versions of libstdc++ on my system (edgy).
>- libstdc++5
>- libstdc++6
>- libstdc++6.4.1-dev
>I'll just install one doc version for now and see if it satisfies my

I have read up a bit in google results for "man page c++" and it seems
there do not exist any man pages for c++ like for c.

Having installed the above mentioned doc for c++, I think there is no
fast online reference available. I will have to seek resort in a good
c++ reference book. Offline reference will ofcourse never be looked up
as fast as a 3 stroke-away man page reference for c routines.

Can anyone refer me to a good c++ reference book? 


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