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Re: install and removing apps.... cleaning

Subject: Re: install and removing apps.... cleaning
From: Gregor Tudan
Date: Sat, 09 Dec 2006 21:12:22 +0100
Richard schrieb:
> when using synaptic to install apps, to try them out, then remove them,
> is synaptic also removing the libs & other files, that the application 
> needed at the time of install,
> for the app, when using remove completely.
> also, how can one check to see, if there are any libs (left overs) in 
> the lib or bin,
> folder (I think) that are NOT really needed by ANY application, OR the 
> system,
> other words, parts of application, that are sitting there and not being 
> used by nothing.
> is there a command to clean out left overs?
> Thanks -
> Rich

Not to forget the apt-get autoclear to remove outdated packages or
packages which were installed in order to fullfill dependencies and are
no longer needed....

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