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Re: Weird GNOME behaviour (in Dapper and Edgy)

Subject: Re: Weird GNOME behaviour in Dapper and Edgy
From: "Juan Carlos Becerra Irene"
Date: Thu, 21 Dec 2006 13:29:01 -0600
That's new for me, I actually never had the idea to check if the apps
run in the background...

Running  ps aux from the terminal will show you a list of the processes running.

I have never waited long enough to see if the applications finally open (as you described in your first post), what I usually do is using kill as an act of desperation. (kill <processid> after running ps aux)

But you have to make sure to have an open terminal before the weird behavior happens, because last time I got it I wasn't able to open it either.

Another thing I noticed was that when having the problem, I plugged a usb flash memory and when it recognized it, a Nautilus window opened (as expected if not having the problem), after that I was able to open more Nautilus windows using the File-> New Window menu, but only that worked, if I clicked on the Home icon or any other, everything was the same (No windows open).

Really weird.

And to wether disabling DHCP (using a static adress) works: No, it
doesn't. I tried it but the problems occured then, too...

So I'm went back to using Network Manager and thus DHCP...
And the problem did only happen to me once in the last 10 days, so I
decided to just live with it... But please post any fixes that you might

Maybe I will have to live with that too. If I find something I'll tell you for sure.

Juan Carlos

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