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Re: [Breezy]Adept Wizard Upgrade B0rked system

Subject: Re: [Breezy]Adept Wizard Upgrade B0rked system
From: Derek Broughton
Date: Wed, 22 Feb 2006 09:53:30 -0400
C Hamel wrote:

> On Tuesday 21 February 2006 17:41, Derek Broughton wrote:
>> If you include all of these you 
>> really can't complain that adept breaks your system.  I'm not even sure I
>> trust the kubuntu.org one, definitely none of the others.

> I believe the sourceforge updates apt;  plf is penguin liberation front
> that I used to use for Mandrake; opera is the browser, I'm pretty certain;
> kde35 is
> probably what it sounds like --KDE-3.5.  Perhaps it is better w/o the
> first
> ones but KDE?  If that was directly from KDE that'd be one thing, but I
> perceive that it is from kubuntu, which I am using.   So, why the
> hesitation to use it?

The hesitation is that none of those are official Ubuntu repositories.  The
kubuntu one _should_ be OK, but the others are likely intended for Debian,
not Ubuntu.  Breezy was not released with KDE 3.5 - the kubuntu.org
packages are backports. I'm certain there will be _something_ there that's
pretty reliable, but I'm _not_ certain that's the correct URL.  I used
kubuntu.org briefly before deciding to go with dapper, specifically because
the correct URL for the latest breezy KDE packages kept changing.

I'd _definitely_ be scared about using sourceforge to get apt - you want to
be using the version of apt that's intended for your version of Ubuntu, or
you may well end up with a completely non-updatable system.  I don't know
about plf, and opera is probably safe as long as it will install - but I'd
want to get my system working stably before I'd try to install it.

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