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installation blues...

Subject: installation blues...
Date: Mon, 24 Oct 2005 10:52:35 -0400

I am new to ubuntu and I can't seem to find any installation intructions on the 
site.  It says to download the image file and burn it to a cd and I did that, 
and then when I go to the D drive and double click on the file, I get my "sonic 
RecordNow!" application opening up asking me if I want to burn it to a CD.  But 
I'm like, "Dude,  its already on a CD".

Can anyone direct me to the right place to get my questions answered?  I can't 
seem to find anything on the site that tells what to do after during it to a 
CD.  I made a partition (an E drive) and I want to be able to boot it up from 
there.  How do I use my image file on the CD for that?

Thanks guys!

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