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Ubuntu tls/ssl ftp client

Subject: Ubuntu tls/ssl ftp client
From: Elijah Savage
Date: Sun, 16 Oct 2005 13:31:57 -0400
I have installed ubuntu 5.10 I have everything working great and to my surprise after being a long time Suse fan it seems I have found a distro that truly enables me to leave windows behind except for one issue. My job requires me to use a ftp client that is tls/ssl enabled. I have managed to load gftp and iglooftp gui clients, the iglooftp client when connecting to a tls/ssl server the gui crashes and just goes away. I have not been able to gather anything from any sort of log in reference to this problem I even contacted support to only never get an answer or even reply to my emails. With gftp it seems as if the problem is because my employer has decided on using a self signed cert. I did get some info from the gftp FAQ only to be stalled again by not being able to get the ssl cert from my employer to manually import it to my box.

From the FAQ

Chapter 5. SSL Issues
5.1. When using the FTPS or HTTPS protocol, gFTP cannot connect if the remote server uses a self signed certificate.

You must add the public key of your self signed CA to your OpenSSL certs directory. On my Debian box, the OpenSSL certs are installed in /usr/lib/ssl/certs

If anyone at all can assist or point me to a ftp tls/ssl enabled client that would work with self signed certs would be greatly appreciated.

Thank You

By the way great job on ubuntu a coworker turned me on to this distro and it has been truly great very little tweaking that I always found myself doing with the other distro's to get things to work.

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