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Re: New User!

Subject: Re: New User!
From: "Senectus ."
Date: Wed, 12 Oct 2005 09:44:39 +0800
On 10/12/05, Francisco Soberano <fsoberano@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Thanks Senectus!
> I'd be happy if you could send me the CD's or DVD's... My hands are itchi to 
> work on Abuntu.
> Till then,
No problem mate :-)
Just send me your postal address (off list I think) and which Iso's
you'd like.. the rest will be my pleasure :-)

Ubuntu Breezy 5.10
CNet News.com: So that would be the philosophical difference between
Microsoft and what Google is up to at this point?
Bill Gates: Well, we don't know everything they are up to, but we do
know their slogan and we disagree with that.

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