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Re: Questions

Subject: Re: Questions
From: Renaud Vernet
Date: Fri, 26 Aug 2005 14:30:14 +0200
Ciaran Mac Lochlainn wrote:
Hi all, I've installed Ubuntu on a work server and I have a few questions as I am new to Ubuntu and to debian based distros in general.

I have installed Ubuntu 5.04 on a server which has a Specialix io8 card installed. The card appears when I type "lspci" but the operating system does not appear to support it. The /dev/cuw* device nodes ahve not been created, and the kernel module specialix.o (or specialix.ko) is not present on the server.

Can I download the specialix module for this release?

The server also has a Travan tape drive installed, but there is no device /dev/ht0 to access it. Is /dev/ht0 the correct device name for an IDE tape drive under Ubuntu?



I don't know where to download it, but still you can compile your kernel with the CONFIG_SPECIALIX flag.


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