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Re: [Warty] - Newbie trying bwbasic - Linz

Subject: Re: [Warty] - Newbie trying bwbasic - Linz
From: Thomas Kaiser
Date: Sun, 01 May 2005 13:33:36 +0200

Lindsay wrote:
I have downloaded and installed BWBasic to tinker with some older basic
programming code that I know.

I cant get it to run in RUN but it starts in Terminal.  However, with no
GUI I tell tell what I'm doing.

1) Is there away to make this more visual i.e. like GWBasic, Quick

2) Where can I find some coding instructions?  (I have googled without
getting anything I thought was relevant)

Thanks in advance

If you want something MS VB like, try gambas.

sudo apt-get install gambas

It is in the universe repository. I am using Hoary. I don't know if it is available under Warty.

Regards, Thomas

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