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Re: Is Linux a desktop operating system?

Subject: Re: Is Linux a desktop operating system?
From: dallypost
Date: Sat, 28 May 2005 02:45:36 -0400
>Also I see support being a very large stumbling block for corporate

>Linux take up on the desktop.

>I know that in the capitol city I live in there is nearly no

>professional Linux support, and next to none on a corporate level.

When we first set up the server at www.dallypost.com, we were running
Cold Fusion on an NT box. A good week was one where the server actually
ran a full week without a crash. A bad week was one where I waited the
full week for a response from some tech support service or another.
Long waits seemed to be the standard.

I made the move to a Slackware server and relied on the community to
help me get a handle on PHP and MySQL. Questions were posed and answers
arrived like magic.

Lately I have taken the challenge to build and maintain my own server,
based on Ubuntu. The first problem had to do with the email server.
Tony Arnold, the  originator of this thread found and fixed my problem.
I have also had issues with Squirrelmail, and Apache2. In both cases,
questions were posed, answers received and problems solved. This type
of rapid support exists for virtually every part of Linux, whether it
be server or desktop related, Linux support is second to none.


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