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Re: a linux ready for simple users ? (Re: issues with warty final

Subject: Re: a linux ready for simple users ? (Re: issues with warty final
From: sparkes
Date: Wed, 27 Oct 2004 10:03:14 +0100
Philippe Landau wrote:

I presume the list below contains the things you consider difficult in ubuntu and linux in general?

viewing a DVD
Many (most?) DVD's use a security system that is covered by patents and other legal protection. This is the reason you can't view them under windows (using media player) until you have a some dvd playing software installed. there are legal players available for linux (that you pay money for) and many of us consider the legality of the whole process is dubious anyway but unfortunatly to protect cannonical and the ubuntu project from legal action the software required to run dvd's on your system can not be supplied on the cd. Google will tell you how to get dvd playback working.

or a flash or quicktime movie,
listening to internet radio or tv,
all of the above are in a similar situation to DVD playback. Although the tools are available for free (as in beer, meaning they don't cost any actual money) they are not free (as in speech). The problems you may be having are due to two small related issues.

The first is the software might not allow redistribution (or redistribution rights might be ambigus). This means that ubuntu would be risking legal action if these tools where supplied.

The second is the codecs (encoders/decoders for the media type) might have redistribution problems.

Either way if it's possible for linux to playback these files (and for many types it is) google will be your friend again. One caveat. Some files require windows dll files to work. This means they won't work on architectures other than i386. YMMV.

sharing files using p2p,

There are hundreds of linux p2p filesharing tools available. From the command line 'apt-cache search p2p' or for a particular protocol 'apt-cache search gnutella' will list many choices.

I use gtk-gnutella and bittorrent frequently.

remastering DVDs -

never done this so I am not sure what software is available.

i am still not sure if the linux-experts
do not want to let non-geeks in on the fun

Linux experts would love to get more people involved in the use of free software. That's what projects like ubuntu are all about. Unfortunatly there is only so much time in the day so sometimes user friendliness is pushed aside for more features. Luckily this is becoming a thing of the past and projects such as ubuntu and gnome are really pushing the ease of use issue while retaining a powerful system at the core. Hopefully this will see us all as winners over the coming years.

or if there are still too many problems in the software
so it is not possible to offer it yet ?

in many cases the software is caught up in red tape. It exists but because of legal issues in countries where software patenting is allowed it's difficult to distribute the software.

Where the software is lacking a feature you would like to see a good place is the bug tracking software of the maintainers. It's often possible to add a wishlist feature request. While many of these are quickly killed off with 'not a bug' answers many will prompt developers to update the roadmap ;-) YMMV here but a polite feature request is normally given a polite answer if you ask in the right place.

kind regards     philippe

<davee> "Sparkes, the Pete Best of LugRadio"

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