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Re: JACK almost working

Subject: Re: JACK almost working
From: "Norio De Sousa"
Date: Mon, 7 Jul 2008 16:17:33 +0200
Yup!  That was a huge help!  Thanks :)

Biggest difference is that I was using specifics (like hw:1,0) instead of the general interface (hw:1).  Probably explains it all.

How are your xruns with this setup?

Thanks again Joe!  You're a lifesaver!!


2008/7/7 Joe Bain <[email protected]>:
Hi sorry for the late reply. There is a screenshot here of my setup. Important things are highlighted: in blue, use the '>' buttons to select a different input and output (mine were 'hw:1    XioSynth' for input and 'hw:0    Intel ICH6' for output). And in red, I had to set periods/buffers to 8 otherwise jack would crash, this may be different for different devices though.

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