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Re: Developer Application Criteria - Was Re: New Application processes

Subject: Re: Developer Application Criteria - Was Re: New Application processes
From: Martin Pitt
Date: Mon, 19 Jan 2009 15:56:10 +0100
Scott Kitterman [2009-01-07 20:59 -0500]:
> I don't think we want to recreate the Debian NM process in Ubuntu.  If people 
> want to look at them, I think it's fine, but I think it should have no part 
> of our process.

Strong +1 here. Those are one of the Debian NM process' greatest
weaknesses IMHO: they test pretty much everything you can ever
encounter during your work as a developer, but many prospective MOTUs
do not even want to touch (potentially) every package in the archive.
Thus standard question sets tend to make people feel that they need to
become generalists, instead of working on their pet packages or

For me, the bar is set at "does the applicant know enough about
packaging to do the work he wants to do", which is measured in the
amount of feedback/fixes the sponsor has to give. Accompanying that,
the advocate needs to feel sure that the applicant will ask questions
instead of starting to fiddle when he encounters a situation he does
not know about yet.

If the MOTU-wannabes' perception is that we require too high a skill
level for the application, then we need to change that impression


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