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Re: Tor Packages

Subject: Re: Tor Packages
From: Martin Pitt
Date: Fri, 5 Oct 2007 09:55:36 +0200
Hi Aaron,

Aron Sisak [2007-10-03 16:07 +0200]:
> Based on the answer from Martin, I volunteer trying to keep Tor packages
> up-to-date in the Gutsy release.

Great! Thanks for your interest. In the light of this, I cancel the
removal request in #147987.

>  This also involves eventually putting "critical" new versions into
>  Hardy and making SRUs / backport candidates to Gutsy, once we have
>  released Gutsy / opened Hardy. Based on the fact that the Debian
>  developers seem to update them fairly soon after the upstream
>  release, this seems feasible.

I agree. Once we did it a few times, I expect the workflow to become
pretty smooth.

> I am using now Tor (from Debian unstable) on Gutsy that gets
> hopefully synced soon as a first step.


> On the other hand pushing SRUs back to Feisty and / or Dapper (and maybe
> Edgy) is a harder issue, since I don't have computers that would run
> these releases, and even if I have some virtual machines, I never used
> tor on them, so it would be hard to provide "real-life" testing.

I agree. Let's just ignore those releases for now then, unless someone
else is using tor on those releases and would like to provide testing
for SRUs.

Thank you!


Martin Pitt        http://www.piware.de
Ubuntu Developer   http://www.ubuntu.com
Debian Developer   http://www.debian.org

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