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xserver 1.3 uploaded

Subject: xserver 1.3 uploaded
From: Bryce Harrington
Date: Wed, 16 May 2007 00:11:36 -0700
Hi all,

Today with Kees Cook's help, xorg-server 1.3 is uploaded to Gutsy.
This is the major piece for xorg 7.3 that a number of the other pieces
depend on.

X server 1.3 is API/ABI compatible with X server 1.2, and includes the
following new features:

   * RandR 1.2 - See http://keithp.com/blog/randr_1.2_update.html
   * EXA Damage track

With xrandr 1.2 comes a much better capability to auto-detect monitors
than we have currently, potentially allowing xorg.conf files to be

One new known issue is that Xorg won't run with the fglrx driver.
Apparently it does a version check of the X server, but since now
xserver reports "1.3" instead of the more generic xorg "7.3", this check
now fails.

If you discover new issues other than that, please let me know.



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