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Re: Science-fiction ;-)

Subject: Re: Science-fiction ;-)
From: Scott
Date: Thu, 28 Sep 2006 08:04:11 -0700
", "Gnu/Linux Technology spake thusly);:
> Some crazy suggestions in absolut...based of what I do after an 
> installation of Ububtu.
> 1) Remove Evolution replaced by Thunderbird

I leave Evolution there.  I just don't use it.  It's a big part of
GNOME.  I can't see any distro yanking it.

> 2) Remove Totem replaced by VLC

Again, Totem is part of GNOME.  VLC isn't. It's also a wxWidgets app.
It's very good though.

> 3) Add xmms + Streamtuner + Streamripper, Beagle.

I don't get people's fascination with a dated GTK1 App.  At least go for
something "fresher" like BMP, BMPx or Audacious.   As far as any of
these being defaults, some of us old fogies don't have 20/20 eyesight
and don't like squinting at controls  (That's why God invented
Rhythmbox, amaroK, Banshee, QuodLibet, Muine, juk....).

> 4) Add all non free stuff  : java, flash, w32codec, libdvdcss, xnview, 
> frostwire, aMule, Skype, Google Earth

I've not touched it in years, but Mandrake (now Mandriva) used to
include Java and the codes needed for all multimedia.  libdvdcss and
w32codecs by themselves aren't going to be defaults in any distro.
They're illegal practically everywhere.

Commercial Distros without the "only free software" philosiphy offer the
multimedia stuff (that say a former Windows user would expect) right out
of the box.  But I assume that's becuase they're paying licensing fees
to do so.

> Some distros like Open SuSe have a licence validation before installing 
> to enable java and flash, what do you think about this way?

That's true right now in Ubuntu.

sudo apt-get install sun-Java5-jre flashplugin-nonfree
> This choices are more political than technical, but we have to talk 
> about to find how to allows more and more users to migrate to open-systems.

Well that's why there are 8,235,672 Linux distributions. There's
something for everyone.  I'd be downright shocked if Ubuntu abandoned
the "Only Free Software" philosophy.  If you don't like it try one of
the other distributions. :-)

I find it inconvenient and I find the "Linux for Human Beings" slogan
rather misleading (unless I'm misinterpreting it) but I can live with
it, because otherwise I love everything else about Ubuntu.

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