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Re: Mono required by ubuntu-desktop

Subject: Re: Mono required by ubuntu-desktop
From: Jan Moren
Date: Sun, 20 Aug 2006 08:49:50 +0900
lÃr 2006-08-19 klockan 18:11 -0400 skrev John Richard Moser:
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> When you say "digital photo management" I think "loading photos into my
> photo library, then browsing the library."  If you say "Digital photo
> EDITING" I'll start thinking about post-processing and touch-ups.

As a photography hobbyist (and I believe this is a common view), "photo
management" is the umbrella term for all of it - downloading, indexing
and tagging; RAW conversion, cropping and editing; viewing and printing;
version handling and backup. That, all in all, is photo management.

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