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Subject: hotplug/automount
From: gilligan
Date: Tue, 11 Apr 2006 01:04:24 +0200

I need some info regarding problems with hotplugging/automount in order
to file a proper bug report as I am currently not quite sure where the
problem would most likely be located (hotplug/hal/gnome-volume-manager)

up-to-date dapper install (x86) does not automount anything at all. No
matter if cd/camera/usb/...

My digicam is recognized, i.e usb_storage/scsi registers /dev/sda1
however no automounting occurs. 

I tried attaching some usb hdd (works fine with my breezy installation
on my powerbook) but it does not even registere a scsi device for it.

Where should I file this?


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