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Re: gnome-bittorrent is an unsatisfactory bittorrent client

Subject: Re: gnome-bittorrent is an unsatisfactory bittorrent client
From: Sander van Loon
Date: Sun, 18 Sep 2005 14:53:10 +0200
Thanks for your posts everybody.

I think I was too fast in my judgment, I posted my initial post after I
tried gnome-bittorrent only once. It seemed that the low download speeds
then were just an incident, I've tried some more torrents after reading
Matt Zimmerman's reply and I have experienced much better download
speeds of over 100 KB/s since then.

gnome-bittorrent seems usable for me, but it still is unfortunate that
it doesn't inform the user that it's necessary to have port 6881
forwarded (I'm fortunate to know that it's necessary, but the average
user behind a router won't have a clue why they get slow download speeds
and will be disappointed) or uses UPnP, and that it lacks download speed

It is alarming though that the development on gnome-bittorrent seems to
be dead. The last release has been more than three months ago, according
to the SourceForge project page.

Thanks for the links to Freeloader and Avalanche George Deka, I'll try
them out.

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