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Re: FEATURE REQUEST: Unbroken screensaver.

Subject: Re: FEATURE REQUEST: Unbroken screensaver.
From: Adam Conrad
Date: Wed, 21 Sep 2005 21:39:17 +1000
Oliver Grawert wrote:
> sadly thats only the tip of the mountain, you also need to touch *every*
> app that used xscreensaver-command to use gnome-screensaver-command, see
> other posts in here ... (totem, bightside etc)

Nah, since the packages conflict anyway, having an
"xscreensaver-command" binary in gnome-screensaver that does the
appropriate magic of calling gnome-screensaver-command in the right
fashion (including trying to do the crazy guesswork that mjg59 hacked
into acpi-support, if it's invoked by root) wouldn't be too much effort.

... Adam

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