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proof-of-concept netselect-apt-ubuntu release v0.5

Subject: proof-of-concept netselect-apt-ubuntu release v0.5
From: Dag Rune Sneeggen
Date: Tue, 26 Jul 2005 17:10:58 +0200
Hi folks,

I've been tinkering around for the last 2 days with a netselect-apt-ubuntu 
program in perl.
It struck me that Ubuntu repositories has a pretty almost-useless netselect-apt 
As such, I've done a simple proof-of-concept netselect-apt that picks the 
best/fastest ubuntu APT mirror.
Calling this netselect-apt-ubuntu.

Anyhow, if people could head over to 
http://nix-dev.dudcore.net/NetselectAptUbuntu and perhaps look at the script.
Also for those impatient, do head straight over to 
http://nix-dev.dudcore.net/files/.netselect-apt-ubuntu instead!
Keep in mind that its a proof-of-concept release, and hence a bit amputated and 
retarded hehe ;)
Just give a bit of constructive and useful critisism/ideas...

Dag Rune Sneeggen

dudcore Consulting(http://www.dudcore.net) - Quality state-of-art hosting and 
IT Consulting.
Personal, reasonable, and honest idealism!
For geeks by geeks...

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