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Re: Online Zeit counter

Subject: Re: Online Zeit counter
From: Frank Schubert
Date: Sun, 2 Oct 2005 17:24:23 +0200
Am Sonntag 02 Oktober 2005 15:37 schrieb Gerhard Gaußling:
> Am Sonntag 02 Oktober 2005 13:52 schrieb Frank Schubert:
> > Hallo liste,
> > ich hätte gerne meine Online-Zeit unter Kontrolle.

> [Onlinecalc]  - helps you to analyse your PPP- Connections. It
> summarizes your online time, transfer volume, and number of connections
> made to your ISP.
> [pppusage]  - summarizes average and total transfer volumes, number of
> connections and average and total online time for all logged PPP
> connections.
> [netcount]  - is a package for logging and displaying PPP network
> traffic on Linux machines. Logging is done via a small shell script
> which is called during the ip-up, ip-down and system startup processes
> and from cron, while analysis and printing is done by a program written
> in Python.
> [pppstatus]  - was developed for Linux users that are usually in console
> mode. It is a simple, easy to use program for displaying commonly
> needed / wanted statistics in real time about ingoing and outgoing
> TCP/IP traffic that is usually hard to find, with a simple, efficient
> interface.

Hallo Gergard,
pppstatus habe ich eben mal ausprobiert, ist aber bis auf ein paar Infos mehr 
genauso wie "plog".
Es addiert leider die Zeiten nicht.
Ich bedanke mich trotzdem, bestimmt finde icg hier etwas für mich.
> [vnStat]  - is a network traffic monitor for Linux that keeps a log of
> daily network traffic for the selected interface(s). The traffic
> information is analyzed from the /proc -filesystem, so vnStat can be
> used without root permissions.
> [IPTrafficVolume]  - is a simple ip traffic volume counter which uses
> linux kernel iptables to log internet traffic in a highly customizable
> manner and includes a cgi interface to display the traffic statistics
> on a web server.
> ciao
> Gerhard


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