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[Tkabber] Tkabber 0.10.0-beta2 released

Subject: [Tkabber] Tkabber 0.10.0-beta2 released
From: "Sergei Golovan"
Date: Sun, 4 Mar 2007 22:46:43 +0300

I'm pleased to announce a second beta release of Tkabber and Tkabber
plugins (0.10.0-beta2).

The goal of this release:

  o  Testing Tkabber before making final 0.10.0 available (I expect it
to be released in the next few weeks)

Some new features with respect to the previous beta are:

  o  Added possibility to accept messages from roster only ("Accept
messages from roster users only" checkbutton in menu)
  o  Added plugin, which allows to abbreviate words and phrases in
chat windows (/abbrev, /unabberv, /listabbrevs commands)
  o  Added chats history tool. It's a plugin, which allows to browse
all chatlogs ("Chats history" menu item)
  o  Animated emoticons work again and are moved to an external plugin.
  o  German translation became almost the most complete one
  o  Many bugfixes

The new release is available at
http://www.jabber.ru/files/tkabber/tkabber-0.10.0-beta2.tar.gz and

Announce at http://tkabber.jabber.ru/ is expected soon.

Sergei Golovan
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