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[Tkabber] Gnome docking panel ?

Subject: [Tkabber] Gnome docking panel ?
From: Arioch
Date: Sat, 05 Mar 2005 01:12:07 +0300
I use TKabber 0.9.7 with laest Gnome RC, both from AltLinux.com repository, if it matters
Gnome has special panel fordocking apps, such as Sven.
Analogue of tray in Windows, perhaps.

TKabber's 'icon' was always floating above some virtual desktop.
That was not very useful, but let it be.

Once jabber server was stopped for maintenance - and i found Tkabber's icon sittin' in the dock! Never before i though they are compatible.
Since then i want to repeat it - but can't :-(

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