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[Tkabber] self-signed ssl certificates (again!)

Subject: [Tkabber] self-signed ssl certificates again!
From: gen2
Date: Sun, 13 Mar 2005 10:32:08 -0800
Hi There

Thanks for the excellent software!

I have a question, which I know has been touched on in the list, but I have to 
ask again because I'm still not getting it! :)

I must use a self-signed certificate. I have my CA cert installed on the 
jabber server, which seems to work; however, the tkabber client 0.9.7 gives 
me the error everyone asks about, like it should -- except that there are 
options in the client login SSL tab:

Use SSL (checked)
SSL Port (5223)
SSL Certficate (GREYED OUT)

SSL does work if I accept an untrusted cert. My question is, how do I install 
the cert on the client if the SSL Certificate dialog is Greyed Out? Is there 
another way to install the cert on the client? Or is there a mode which 
un-greys out the cert import?

Thank You for any help!
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