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Re: [tcpm] draft-eggert-tcpm-historicize-00

Subject: Re: [tcpm] draft-eggert-tcpm-historicize-00
From: Alejandro Acosta
Date: Wed, 9 Jun 2010 16:51:33 -0430

On Wed, Jun 9, 2010 at 1:37 PM, Anantha Ramaiah (ananth) <ananth@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:


FWIW, there is a recent proposal which talks about enhancing TCP
checksums as well :-

The above proposal tries to leverage on the TCP alternate checksum
option. My thinking it may be useful to have a "TCP generalized checksum
option" which can give the flexibility for a TCP stack to choose from a
set of checksum algorithms (of course the default stays what it is today


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> * Lars Eggert | 2010-06-09 19:28:14 [+0300]:
> >Quite possibly the most boring RFC ever. But at least it's short.
> >Comments welcome.
> Lars, I thought about RFC 1145 "TCP Alternate Checksum
> Options", there are no real shortcomings in the RFC. It is
> not _widely_ deployed but there is no real security concern
> like say T/TCP.
> I thought only superseded or defective RFCs can be declared
> historic? I mean TCP Alternate Checksum Options _can
> eventually_ useful in the future for example Interplanetary
> TCP. Maybe some military sites already employ RFC 1145.
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