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Re: OCFS and Out Of Memory issue

Subject: Re: OCFS and Out Of Memory issue
From: Larry Woodman
Date: Thu, 03 Feb 2005 14:27:35 -0500
Frank, Ryan wrote:

Yes I did reboot.  The attached file I sent has the slabcache up to when
the OOM Kill happened I will paste the last few results from that...

Thu Feb  3 12:26:26 EST 2005
slabinfo - version: 1.1 (SMP)

buffer_head       4935182 4936190    108 141009 141034    1 : 1008  252


That was the last entry before the system stopped responding... If this
still does not have enough I can re-run the process again and capture...

The problem is that OCFS must not be unlocking the bufferheads so we cant reclaim those and therefore they consume lowmem. Obviously ext3 does do this right since it works OK but OCFS must not. I guess you need to talk to Oracle about this.

BTW, you are running RHEL3-U4.  Right?

Larry Woodman

Allvac Unix Services
Monroe, NC
(704) 282-1586

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